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2017 Summer Conservatory Shows

Hamlet Hears a Who
A “Seussified” spoof of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, By Christina Hamlett and Jamie Dare, Published by Pioneer Drama services                                                                                                          TIME:  About 45 minutes

You’ll love this Shakespearean classic told in Dr. Seuss rhyme, sprinkled with contemporary references to add to the silliness! Sure, Hamlet still battles insanity as he seeks the truth behind his father’s untimely death, but this humorous retelling also has Ikea-style furniture and characters who won’t put down their cell phones.  Their ringtones are personalized, so of course, Ophelia’s is a wedding processional.  And in answer to Hamlet’s eternal question, ’To be or not — why can’t I hear it?’ his father’s Starbucks-sipping ghost replies, ’What you need’s a helpful spirit!’ The hilarious action and dialogue make this easy-to-stage play a favorite.

Everyone Gets Eaten by Sharks 

A Cautionary Tale by Marshall Pailet

FACT: Most people, if not everyone, will eventually be eaten by sharks. But you can postpone the inevitable (and get a great deal on a timeshare!) by joining Adventure Dan on a tour through shark-infested scenarios to avoid, such as kayaking with meat paddles, night-swimming after prom, or genetically engineering sharks for science. Because three things in life are certain: taxes, death, and specifically death by shark. A delightfully madcap comedy you're sure to devour . . . unless it devours you first.

Pirates of Penzance                                                                                                            Adapted From Gilbert & Sullivan,                  

By Shubert Fendrich and Jerry Waldrop, published by Pioneer Drama Services

Frederic plans to give up life as a pirate on his 21st birthday and marry Mabel, daughter of Major-General Stanley.  Alas, it is discovered that he was born in a leap year...  February 29th to be exact.  As birthdays go, he is only four and will not reach his 21st birthday for 66 years.  When all seems lost, the pirate crew discovers they are peers of the realm, and they give up life on the high seas to settle down as gentlemen.  The score includes wonderfully singable versions of the classic songs, including “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” and “Poor Wandering One.”

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight                                   

By Craig Sodaro, published by Pioneer Drama Services

Here’s your chance to do a Camelot tale with plenty of female roles!  This fast-moving comedy centers around poor Sir Gawain, whose courage is questioned by the other knights.  Alas!  Morgan le Fay, the evil enchantress, desires nothing more than to see Camelot destroyed, and she will not leave unless the kingdom can produce a knight who can pass her tests of bravery, honesty, and loyalty.  Sir Gawain, needing to prove his bravery, accepts the challenge.  The trial begins with the knight getting to strike the monstrous Green Knight three times...  three blows that the Green Knight will return in a year’s time.  During the year, Sir Gawain successfully completes the tests of honesty and loyalty in comic style, but the hapless knight still must meet the Green Knight again with hopes of winning the hand of Lady Elaine, saving Camelot, and upholding the reputation of the Knights of the Round Table.