Directed by Executive Director - Hannah Bankston

November 8th-11th . APU Grant Hall

Book and Lyrics by Marcy Heisler and Music by Zina Goldrich

Directed by local ATY Alum - Jodi Clark

Jodi Clark has been doing theater in Anchorage for over 20 years. She holds a BA in Theater with a Minor in Dance from the University of Anchorage Alaska. She has been professionally teaching theater to all ages for over 15 years with different local theater organizations. She specializes in character development, comedy, improve, and theatrical movement. She is thrilled to be back at ATY debuting as director and teacher this year. She adores working with children and helping them grow their unique and special skills.

The Witch of Black Bird Pond

Join Junie B. on her first day of first grade, where many changes are in store: Junie's best friend Lucille has found new best friends - and Junie B. makes friends with Herb, the new kid at school. While in Mr. Scary's class Junie has trouble reading the blackboard - and she may need glasses. Add in a friendly cafeteria lady, an intense kickball tournament and a "Top-Secret Personal Beeswax Journal," and first grade has never been more exciting.

​Dramatized by Len Jenkin. Based on the books by Beverly Cleary.

Junie B. Jones Jr. the Musical

February 7th-17th . APU Grant Hall

Directed by Artistic Director - Janet Stoneburner

Directed by local artist - Tamara Rothman
Tamara Rothman began her adventure in the theatre on the Little Theatre stage of Service High School back in the late 70’s, playing the part of an 80 year old woman.  Having been an especially shy and un-athletic child, she was taken in by the comradery and the opportunity to dance and play on the words of the playwright.  Since then, she received her BA in theatre from Bennington College, studied Shakespeare in London and Stratford-Upon-Avon, and performed and taught coast to coast.  While raising her children in Anchorage, Tamara worked extensively in the schools and found that one of her greatest joys is working with youth and witnessing their self-discovery. 

Swiss Family Robinson

Sixteen-year-old Kit Tyler is marked by suspicion and disapproval from the moment she arrives on the unfamiliar shores of colonial Connecticut in 1687. Alone and desperate, she has been forced to leave her beloved home on the island of Barbados and join a family she has never met. Torn between her quest for belonging and her desire to be true to herself, Kit struggles to survive in a hostile place. Just when it seems she must give up, she finds a kindred spirit. But Kit's friendship with Hannah Tupper, believed by the colonists to be a witch, proves more taboo than she could have imagined and ultimately forces Kit to choose between her heart and her duty.

The Robinson family is on a journey overseas to begin a new life. After a harrowing storm, their tall-masted ship sinks, and they are shipwrecked on a deserted island. Mother and Father and their three children, Fritz, Ernest and Franz, are now forced to truly begin a new life: a struggle for survival. Salvaging what they can, the innovative family constructs a tree house in which to live. They embark on daily scavenging treks to recover what food, weapons, and other supplies have washed ashore the uninhabited island...or is it? Soon, strange things begin to happen: provisions start to disappear and mysterious noises are heard. 

2018 - 2019 SHOWS

April 25th - 28th . 

Unpredictable. Exasperating. Boisterous and independent. That's Ramona Quimby for you. Always aggravating her older sister, Beezus, constantly getting into trouble and sometimes "making a big, noisy fuss" when things don't go her way. 

Support ATY as we host our 2018 Winter Community event! Come celebrate the holidays and have a relaxing evening with the Alaska Theatre of Youth community. We will perform a live radio drama, host live music, events and offer yummy refreshments from 1pm-6pm. Support ATY as we present a quality holiday event appropriate for all ages! Click here for drama synopsis.  

September 13th-16th . APU Grant Hall

It's a Wonderful Life Radio Drama

Ramona Quimby

Adapted by Joe Landry

December 15th . Alaska Experience Theatre

Alaska Theatre of Youth

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