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Nikki has been involved with community theatre since the age of 5. When she first moved to Nome, from Wisconsin, she became a board member of the Nome Arts Council for almost 10 years. After moving to Anchorage, she was looking for a way to connect with the arts for both herself and young daughters. 

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ATY Board Member since 2015

Gretchen Weiss

Robyn Brune is a lifelong Alaskan who graduated with a biology degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage.  She has spent the better part of her working career in the safety department at Alyeska Pipeline Service Company.  Robyn is married to Jason and has two children, one who loves acting and the other who loves soccer, though with all of the flopping that goes on in that sport, acting seems to be a major part of both of their lives.  Robyn enjoys helping with makeup and hair at ATY productions and is an enthusiastic supporter of children finding their passion.  Robyn is an avid knitter, Words with Friends champion, and interestingly, has yet to venture into the world of social media.  She can be contacted via smoke signals.

Chad is a teacher in The Seminar School at Service High School.  He also teaches Acting and he is the Fine Arts Chair.  

ATY Board Member since Autumn 2017

Robyn Brune


ATY Board Member since Autumn 2017

Timothy Fitzpatrick

ATY Board Member since Autumn 2017

At heart and in practice, Gretchen is an artist, with a media background that includes working in print, video, television, and online.  Gretchen has a BA in education and early childhood development and continued her education journey by studying journalism and biology. Gretchen worked in media, locally at the Anchorage Daily News and co-founded F Magazine, and also worked on various video and film ventures around Alaska and in Texas. Gretchen currently works as a publication specialist for the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education pursuing a lifelong passion for ensuring that education and training is available for all who desire to learn. 

Chad Sant

Nikki Scherer

Tim joined the ATY board in 2017 after seeing the magic of live theater through the roles and acts of his two daughters. He operates a strategic communications consulting practice and lives in and enjoys the outdoors in and around Anchorage with his family.

ATY Board Member since Spring 2012