Alaska Theatre of Youth

Serving Alaska's Youth Since 1984

Saturdays, April 6th-27th

Ages 8-18
$80 per student
Meets Saturdays, 10:30am-12pm

​Class held at Cyrano's Theatre Building

These students will learn skills and techniques to help them develop their abilities to create a scene on film. Each week the class will read and stage different TV scenes from four different scripts. Each scene will be filmed and reviewed with the class for discussion. Topics that will be covered in this class is basic acting for the camera, continuity, and an opportunity for actors to experience being behind the scenes as a film crew member.


Audition for Musical Theatre - One Day Workshop

Spring Drama Center

Spring classes start February and run through late April, 2019.

Meets Sunday, March 24th, 1-4pm

Ages 8-16
$35 per student
Workshop held at Cyranos Theatre Building

Do you love to belt out show tunes? Are you always singing in front of family and friends? If you answered yes, then this class is for you. Students work on acting (intention, expression, and ease), and singing (breathing, range, control, and enunciation) while perfecting individual solos from a wide range of musical genres. By the end of class, students will have a more rounded idea of the musical theatre audition process. A live accompanist will be provided.

Scene Work for Camera

Runs March 2nd-April 27th
Meets Saturdays at 12pm-1pm

​Ages 4-7.

$80 per month, Schedule Drop-In Fee: $20
Class held at Cyrano's Theatre Building

These young students will learn skills associated with the creating and performing of theatre, including acting, improvisation and theatre games, teamwork building activities, props, costumes, puppetry and music. Each week the emphasis will be on a classic fairytale and activities will apply and coordinate within the context. On the final week there will be a mini performance to combine all of what the students have learned. 

Fairytale Theatre

Alaska Theatre of Youth offers different theatre classes and workshops every month of the Fall and Winter Sessions.