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Drama Center

Taking place at Aquarian Charter School (1705 W 32nd Ave, Anchorage)


$80 for 1 class or $145 for 2 classes
Fairytale Theatre - Ages 5-8  , 9-10:15am

Another round of Fairytales! These young students will learn skills associated with the performance of theatre. This includes acting, improvisation and theatre games, teamwork building, props, and costumes. Each week the emphasis will be on a fairytale. Taught by ATY Alumn, Iris Tuller.

Improv Theatre - Ages 9-19, 10:30am-12pm

An introduction for anyone to learn the fundamentals of improvisation…the basic tools, rules, and philosophy…through games, drills, and simple scenes. It's VERY fun, VERY supportive and noncompetitive. Taught by local performer, Waren Weinstein.

Stage Combat - Ages 12-19 , 1pm-2:30pm

Students will engage in choreographed hand-to-hand combat maneuvers in a safe environment. Students fall, strike, and learn the best position for creating the illusion of physical combat. And, again, the focus is how to do all this safely with maximum visual effect!

Voice Auditions - Ages 15 - 19 , 10:30am-12pm

Improve your self confidence and vocal skills while learning how to audition for shows or competitions. This class will touch base with music theory along with proper breathing and vocal techniques. There will be an emphasis on various vocal styles and musical genres so each student can understand and apply those differences, resulting in a versatile, well-rounded vocalist! Taught by local vocalist, Austin Rochon.

A limited number of fee waivers are available for all classes. Call or email for more information!

We are pleased as punch to be offering this brand new 3-month intensive to students ages 15-19!
Taking place at Writers Block (3956 Spenard Rd, Anchorage) 

Time: Saturdays at 2pm-4pm

This series is designed to mentor advanced young actors into theatre leadership roles that can be practically applied in Summer Conservatory - and beyond! We will begin this series in March, and cover these skill sets:

Play Writing -Beginning in March at Writer's Block

Develop and create a short or full length play! This will be revisited over the next two months of classes. Registration for this will be opening up on Friday, so keep an eye out for our Online Registration Form!

Advanced Acting

 This class will include developing monologue, classic

    and/or contemporary acting techniques, breaking down

      the scene - through design, workshop and performance.


Lights, Sound, Stage Management

A hands-on experience! Students will learn how to set and design

  lights and sound and how to track and call them for a show. These
     classes will be held during production at a working theatre.

 Wardrobe, Makeup

 Some of our greatest creators of costumes and makeup artists will
     teach students how to fully transform an actor's appearance.

At the end of the series, students will produce and perform their own creations.

Mastery Series classes $320
Maximum 12 students
(limited fee waivers and reductions available


Classes (to sign up for classes, Fill out an Online form or email a registration form and waiver to us!)