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Improvisational Theatre - Be spontaneous, be entertaining, have fun! Learn the techniques behind mastering the different forms of improv.This class will cover comedic and dramatic improv, vocal variation, reacting on scene, and how to apply improv to life circumstances.

Acting 101 - Great for the first time performer and a refresher for the rest of us. This class will teach the beginning basics which will progress to monologue and audition preparation. Students will also be introduced to acting with accents and several of the prominent stage acting methods.

Intro to Voiceovers - Be a part of creating a live radio drama! This class will emphasize the human voice and how it can be used with dramatics and character voices for radio, live theatre, and film. Students will also learn ways to create live sound effects.

Musical Theatre - Learn different styles and genres to be found in musical theatre. This class will focus on vocal techniques, stage presence, standard dance moves, and musical audition prep.

Theatrical Dance - Shake it off and just dance! This class is perfect for all experience levels. Dancers will learn and review different elements that make each dance genre unique.

Fairytale Theatre - These young students (ages 5-8) will learn skills associated with the creation and performance of theatre. These include acting, improvisation and theatre games, teamwork building, props, costumes and shadow puppetry. Each week the emphasis will be on a classic fairytales; activities will apply and coordinate within the context.

More Classes:

How to be a Playwright

Circus Antics

Video Productions

Stage Makeup

Sound, Light, Prop and Costume Design


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