Alaska Theatre of Youth


​Alaska Theatre of Youth is currently looking to fill the following positions for our Summer Conservatory (June 6th-25th).

-Costume Designer
-Lighting Designer

Below is a brief job description for each role, along with salary.

Costume Designer: $300
-You are responsible for designing costumes for a single show, featuring 15-20 young people. Help will be made available for fabrication, and a small budget is available to purchase items.

Lighting Designer: $400
-You are responsible for designing a repertory plot that can be utilized by all four summer conservatory shows, hanging a small number of specials, and assisting directors and stage managers with programming cues. Help will be made available for hanging and focusing.

Choreographer: $1000
-You are responsible for handling choreography for a one-act, hour long musical with multiple songs. You will work closely with the cast and director during rehearsal times. Expect to come in for for 2-3 rehearsals a week. Addition $200 available if you are interested in teaching a dance class.
Each of these positions pay a stipend, and the hours are flexible. If you would like to learn more, please contact Max Aronson at, and we can discuss the opportunity further.


ATY is pleased to announce that we will be offering a brand new camp this summer: Opera Camp! To learn more, click on the "Camps" section of our site!

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